Joan Cartwright's new CD, IN PURSUIT OF A MELODY, has led her to producing a new television show for PEOPLE TV, in Atlanta, in the 2006 Winter series.

Released in Winter 2007


  1. Bess Covington
  2. George V. Johnson, Jr.
  3. Jace Harnage
  4. Jus' Cynthia
  5. Nate Perkins
  6. Ombassa and Adé
  7. Q-Swon
  8. Rita Graham
  9. Sandy Patton
  10. Shameka Gumbs
  11. Universoul


Buy Joan Cartwright's CDs, Feelin' Good (click CDBaby icon) and In Pursuit of A Melody (click Joan's photo at right) and purchase amount will be donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund through

PURSUIT TV will offer specials in 2007:

WORLD MUSICIANARIES NETWORK - A one-hour family variety show, featuring pianist and producer Melody Cole, singers Jus' Cynthia and Joan Cartwright, guitarist Eugene Grey, and entrepreneur Sailuz Alvarez.

MOTHERLAND BRIDGE - bridging the gap between African, Caribbean, African American and other World Artists in the diaspora. This show will feature music, literature, theater and art from artists of African descent. Diva JC's first guest will be Ibidun Allison of Nigeria reading a work from journalist Zora Neal Hurston.

EVERYBODY'S CHORUS by Joan Cartwright, is a play about women and men who made jazz music in the beginning of the 20th century. Essie Smith (Angela Andrews) and Alberta Hunt (Jus' Cynthia) bicker over who will star with the Broadway showman Paul Robertson. The outcome is comedic.

Ms. Cartwright is a jazz vocalist and composer. She's traveled in 15 countries and performed for 30 years in the jazz and blues arena. A Master of Communications, Joan has written for several publications, produced a radio show and television series in South Florida, operates a recording studio in Georgia and performs regularly at Ellington's Jazz Bar & Restaurant in Sanibel, Island, Florida.

Joan's travels have produced numerous videotapes of Italy, Brazil, South Africa, China, Japan and 10 other countries in which she has traveled alone and with friends and band mates, when she was performing.

The Caustic Dames and Joan Cartwright have performed together since 2003 to bring the concept of Jazz Meets Hiphop to the larger society, to help bridge the gap between generations.

Two compositions exemplify this trend, Urban Commando - Jazz  (Caustic Dames) is now recorded on ESTROGEN 323. Joan scats on this track, written by Mimi's late husband, Glenn Johnson, who wrote lyrics to Joan's composition, Sweet Return recorded by Freddie Hubbard and the Kool Jazz All-Stars on Atlantic Records in 1983. Mimi Johnson will record the lyrics to Sweet Return in 2005. Both recordings, exemplify the union between Ms. Cartwright and her daughter, Mimi Johnson, CEO of Caustic Entertainment Group, LLC. With her partner, Baby Spliph, Ms. Johnson a/k/a Puss 'n Boots, comprise the Caustic Dames.

In addition to music, the mother-daughter team have accrued a number of video recordings of the Hiphop scene in Atlanta, up the East Coast to New York City and west to Los Angeles.

The compilation of Joan's travel videos and music videos of her performances as a soloist and with the Caustic Dames, plus the huge amount of footage of artists on the jazz and hiphop scenes, which they have will result in a magazine scaled for the television audience.

It's foreseen that IN PURSUIT will become a prime time show that chronicles the music scene from the view of one very special lady who has managed to bring the world a lot of love through her songs, family and friends, including






Author: Joan Cartwright
Genre: Primary - Musical
Secondary - Comedy

Pages: 90
Period: Present
Budget: Medium
Locations: Sanibel Island, FL

Primary Character Breakdowns:

  1. Essie Smith
  2. Alberta Hunt
  3. Caustic Dames
  4. Diva Joan Cartwright
  5. Paul Robertson
  6. Hot Quintet


While touring the circuit, singers Essie Smith and Alberta Hunt have comical disputes over who will star with Paul Robertson on Broadway.


EVERYONE IS CHORUS poses the questions, "Who are the real stars?" and "How far will you go to make it to the top?"

EVERYONE IS CHORUS is a fun, adventurous, low-budget, highly accessible musical that takes tremendously talented musicians and places them in an ordinary situation in which the lines of right and wrong may shift, depending on who's viewing them.

EVERYONE IS CHORUS was written to be filmable on a medium of $5,000,000 and is written with DVD appeal in mind.