This award-winning Mother & Daughter duo brings new meaning to the word "Entertainment"! Mimi Johnson is an actress, vocalist, composer, producer, and playright. Lady Jazz Master Joan Cartwright is a Diva in her own right, vocalist, composer, author, and producer. Together, they light up a stage!


Joan Cartwright is one of the best vocal musicians, songwriters in our country today and some of the songs written by her will be Anthems for us to live by. -- SK

She is the best; she is naughty and nice!"  "ooh, baby!" NC

Joan Cartwright is unlike any other jazz singer you will ever meet. GP

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Mimi, you did your thing at the Wyndham tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed your performance. LJ

Heard you tonight at Mingles. WOW! You killed my song Born Again! I hope I will hear you sing that again soon! I want to buy a CD. CP

Diva JC brings you the best of Jazz and Blues!

Mimi Johnson is the R&B, Soul, House Jazz Sensation!

Together, they will definitely light your fire!!!