Music by Miles Davis
Lyrics by Joan Cartwright

Music we will play
Let your body sway
When you hear the band tune up you know
They're gettin' ready for the show

Searing high and free
With your flute in key
Play the sounds that life us off the ground
And take us back to harmony

On the piano
Music starts to flow
Melodies that say to you and me
"Come on, we're tuned up for the show!"

Now, we're on the move
Get into the groove
When you hear the bassman strum along
You know the tune-up's going strong

Listen to the beat
You can tap your feet
When you hear the drummer drum you know
There's really rhythm in your soul

Let your body sway
Hear the music play
Tune up time is just the time to say
We want to groove you all the way.

2004 FYI Communications, Inc.