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Its been a while since we last spoke.

What have you been up to?  I sent you some pictures from Oshkosh.

I know...  I've been told I have a ONE-TRACK mind.  Hey...  I love women, and
I'm not gay...  What more can I say.  I find that a picture has to have at least one
girl or woman in it to be considered a picture at all.

For what is the finest thing in all of life I ask you___?

That's right...  A female !  This means you baby ! 

I think men need to grow up and stop letting society mold them. 
Even women need to sit back and enjoy the ride.  To me...  The
pictures are a wonderful display of Oshkosh through my eyes.

That's right... As I walk around that is truly what I am looking at.
I admit this and stand behind one thing.  Its the true way I feel and
act towards women.  I simply love them all for what they are.

I would even die for them.   That's right.   I would not even think twice about it.
Its how my father raised me.  To protect them even if they are strangers to me. 
Never harm or hit a women.  No matter what.  They are to be protected at all costs.
They can be 10 year old or 90 years old or 1 year old.  The rule is the same.
Female's rule this earth.  Anyone who can't see that is blind.

Why...?  Because they are the world..   In fact I have come to see first hand that
they are in deed far better at almost everything than us men.  Or boys in my case.
I have to remember I have not grown up yet, and perhaps never will.

Oshkosh is a lot of fun, and the pictures really do indicate what I am looking at.
I hope you enjoyed them.  You know exactly what I am thinking when you see them.
Because I don't hid a thing.  The female body is the very best thing in life.
Nothing is a good to taste smell or sleep with.  Every part of the female is in fact
a special flavor to me.  Yeap... Even an underarm.  It just drives me in sane.
I love the smell of a girl after a good workout.  Some people say its bad and salty
and stinky and ya da ya da ya.....

Not so....   To truly love a female means to know them inside and out.  To know
their job in this world.   ( "Replication"  )

To know how their bodies are designed, and how to interact with them.  To let them
flow and in complete safety and comfort.   A female is the very best that life could
ever offer a person.   Its no wonder that even women like other women.

How could I blame a girl from liking to be with another girl...  Well - I can't...
They simply like what I like.   How could that be considered wrong.
In sharp contrast I do not care for men.  I find little value in them,
and they are in no way welcome in the way women are.

I don't care that they might be gay or anything... In fact I have some friends that
are GAY.  They know I'm not and don't mess with me.  Still I often wonder why
they would allow another male to even get close to them.  I find that we have
extreme power and larger bones and bodies built to fight to the death.

How could this be considered pleasant.  Going further, how could a female even
consider us of any such value.  It is a question I have never been able to answer.

So I pose it to you.   You're a girl.  Ok... Woman / Girl what ever...

Here is the million dollar question.

Men represent a violent structure. They are not soft to the touch !  They weigh in
at close to 170 percent the size of a female.  The have enough power to kill
another person with a single blow.  They smell after even the slightest form of
labor, and far more than women could ever.  They are not pleasant to look at.
They represent a threat to everything around them even at rest.  Their voices
are deep and rough, some worse than others.  The have no qualities in beauty
what so ever.  The can consume two and a half times as much food as a female,
and often eat more than that.  Many have foul mouths and or actions.
All of them talk about females and sex, and as is the case with me, its all they think
about.  Every day and every moment of every day. 

Given the above -   What is it that women see in men.  I mean what is the quality
driving them to us.  As I see things...  They should be running and running fast !

So there it is....  What or why are we allowed to even get close to you.  If I were
a girl I would want nothing to do with me. I look in the mirror and see nothing
to be desired.  Nothing at all in fact.

So there you have it..  The million dollar question.

Norman Grant