What’s the name of the business?

FYI Communications, Inc. is 20 years old and Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. is 10 years old.

What motivated you to start this business?

The for-profit was started for tax purposes for income as an entertainer and entrepreneur. The not-for-profit was started as an educational service to the community, promoting women who compose and perform their own music.

FYI COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - "If you need to know, we'll find out!"

FYICOMMINC provides clear and concise communication tools for entrepreneurs, artists, authors, musicians and cultural producers including:

Website design and management, blogging and social networking, brochure and flyer design, printing, publishing, writing, editing, press releases, promotion, graphics and logo branding, proposals, business cards and letterhead, letter writing.

FYICOMMINC does publicity, advertising, commentary, editorial and interviews, research and newsletters, photography and videography, connect the world with travel.

Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization that promotes women musicians, globally, through events, concerts, performances, clinics, lectures, workshops, articles, interviews, newsletters, courses, contacts, research, history, archives, websites, film, audio and video recording, and recognition.

What are you best known for?

I’m known for singing jazz and blues at clubs, restaurants, galas, weddings, festivals, schools and in concert, and for writing books about music and musicians.

What sets you apart from your competition?

I am one of the few women in the world with a jazz and blues song book. I believe a singer should develop as a musician and composer. I’ve written 60 songs, published 41, recorded and produced 11 on CDs available online. Google Joan Cartwright

Why should a client choose your business?

For entertainment, I’m a singer that engages the audience, has them singing and dancing to the music.

As a website designer and business consultant, my clients get more than they pay for they are at ease about the details of their business applications. I’m sharp and conscious of the importance of their Internet presence.

What keeps your clients coming back?

My professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge about technology or the music, the songs and genres I represent -  jazz and blues. In my home business, I’m dedicated and determined to get the job done. My clients return for more services, a website or help with administrative tasks.

Do you have an anecdote/tagline about the business that summarizes what you are all about?

For administrative services I say, “If you need to know, we’ll find out!”

For musical purposes I say, “Jazz Hotline brings you the best of jazz and blues!”

Answer the following question “when a client walks into our business, they can expect….”

Our clients can expect prompt and friendly service from a company that cares.

What about your business makes you the most proud?

We've provided Music Services for 38 years in an extremely dog-eat-dog industry.

Our websites are www.fyicomminc.com, www.wijsf.com and www.JoanCartwright.com.

The company’s brand is fyicomminc and I’ve received fun email comments about my blogs, websites and those I’ve created for others, letting me know that we’re a household name among hundreds of fellow-entrepreneurs, including In Focus Magazine, the Women’s Prosperity Network, The Lauderhill Regional Chamber of Commerce, Broward Library, Broward Schools, Miami-Dade Community College, Florida International University, York College and others.


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