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My paternal grandmother, Mary Deal's family has a 13-acre estate near Simm's Settlement on the leeward side of Long Island, Bahamas. My grandfather, Christopher Cartwright was born on Long Island and sired my father, Uriah and four other sons in Deadman's Cay. Chris moved to Delray Beach, FL with his sons. Two died and three, Garfield, Carl and Uriah survived. Uriah moved to NYC after his service years, where he and my Mother, Charlotte Galloway from Pennsylvania, settled on Long Island, NY, in South Ozone Park, Jamaica, NY. Sixteen years after my birth, I gave birth to a son, Michael who was fathered by a Puerto Rican, Peter J. Serrano, who also fathered my daughter Michele. Michael father two daughters, Maelle and Sophia with his Haitian wife, Regine Piquion. Michele has three children, Robert from Robert Logan, Anthony from Keith Owens and Vernechia from Vernon Williams. Robert fathered a son, Jayvian Glenn with Tiffany, an African American.

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