Joan's Photo Album Date Location
1973 Tampa, FL - This was just before I traveled with my second husband, Jesse White, to California, where we lived in L.A. for one month and San Francisco for three months.
1973 I painted this image I found in a book. It is entitled "The Foundations of the Universe". I don't know where the painting is, today.
1986 The Helm, Hollywood, Florida

My father, Uriah T. Cartwright, came to hear me sing with trumpeter Pete Minger with whom I performed at this club for 6 months before my mother's demise in February 1987, two weeks after the birth of my grandson, Anthony Owens, on February 6, 1987.

1988 This photo was taken by my brother, Carlton G. Cartwright, after my divorce from my third husband, Joe Lewis Allen. I'd lost 60 pounds and was taking new promotional photos.
1989 Fort Lauderdale, FL

My friend, Naomi says this is my "melancholy look."

1989 I was performing with my quartet at a club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The man behind me is a lawyer who played good saxophone. Also in this group were Jamaican pianist Rupert Cobbett, Howard Moss on drums and another musician named Rupert Z on bass.

This was a great evening of music, as I recall. My daughter, Mimi, sang too.

This is one of my favorite photos of myself.

1989 Same as above.
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December 7-10, 2007

Bronx, NY - Visiting my son, Michael and his family with new daughter, Sophia (11 months). Click photo for all photos.

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