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Your show, today, is poignant, more far-reaching than we can imagine. Iíve struggled with the empty nest syndrome for 12 years and counting because I AM always mother. In searching for WHO I AM, I found that

This is amazing www.real-wishes.com

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In 1996, The INTERNET captured my attention as a marketing tool and this is how I began to heal by building websites, page after page. Todayís yahoo.com count (April 25, 2007) for my sites is

This is how I heal http://www.fyicomminc.com/spirit.htm

www.fyicomminc.com - my website is my answer to finding out WHO I AM


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Unhappiness is selfishness. Donít worry. Be Happy.

One thing you can do is learn to surf! Learn to tell your story online. Learn new things in cyberspace. Teach others some of the solutions youíve learned online.

Grateful Goddess Joan

This is WHO I AM


Joan Cartwright





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Beyond the Global Divide

Conclave 2003 supported the return of the balanced dance of divine union between the masculine and feminine within; Conclave 2003 has agreed to assist in the release of all human karma that supports slavery, dominion, insanity and abusive based power so that a new day of equality and non-conditional love may emerge within the human expression and between men and women. 
Masters Conclave 2003

The other forces that are influencing our thinking, collectively and individually, may turn out to be beings in the spiritual dimension who have been watching our progress and who have reached a level of concern for our well-being. Sound ominous? Not really. The spiritual dimension that exists beyond the realm of our five senses is appearing to us individually and collectively to wake us up out of the addiction to complacency, fear, denial and greed that is keeping us trapped in psychospiritual dysfunction. These other dimensions want Earth to flourish as the wonderful, incredibly rich source of love, life and learning that it has always been. Until now most of us have been unaware of that invisible boundary between these planes of existence. At this point in evolution, with the survival of the planet and all her species at stake, it's time for the veil to be removed. It's time to bring in the cavalry."
The Tenth Insight - An Experiential Guide, James Redfield

Divine Mother Links

How to Utilize the Language of Light to Facilitate Ascension

Earth Mother through Karen Danrich, "Mila"

April 6, 2000

Late in 1999, the directors of the Spiritual School of Ascension (SSOA) channeled through 48 glyphs known as the Language of Light which are a representation of tones or vibrations for a new thought form. The thought form of the Language of Light bridges humanity's current polarity-based belief systems into a new non-polarity or unity-based thought form. To access this information go to Language of Light.

Language of Light#7 FREEDOM

Golden White
Nature: Active
The Freedom tone or vibration provides the essence to move all things aside that do not serve the evolutionary path of the moment. Freedom will simultaneously cause all that supports the jump up in evolution to amplify the energy. There is no middle road with the freedom tone. Whatever supports the drive to freedom remains and is amplified and whatever does not support is pushed or left aside.

Spiritual School of Ascension

Minerals and Tones

Ummac Dan

Who is Ashtar?

In the case of Earth, preparing her and her peoples for the lifting beyond the 666 code of involution and materialism, into the 999 code of Resurrected Life Eternal. Ashtar is a being of pure Light and pure Love, bearing a Spiritual message of the essential Divinity of all beings. As is the case with all great Masters who enter into the lower planes of duality in service, Ashtar's energy flushes out negativity and brings unhealed issues to the surface to be reconciled.

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#1 - FORGIVENESS - Pink - Nature: Active
Forgiveness is the basis of all unity in that all is allowed; yet all is healed. In using the vibration of forgiveness, nothing sticks, and therefore all karma is released. As forgiveness is made a part of the aura, all interactions become a blessing. Forgiveness made manifest is the thousand-petal lotus in the heart of the Bodhisattva that projects joy and compassion upon all.


#2 - STRUCTURE - Lavender - Nature: Passive
Structure is the formation vibration which, when applied, holds the space for layering other vibrations together for the completion or creation of a thought regardless of the creational level. Much as a cup contains or holds the space for a potential mixing or blending in third dimension, structure provides a similar function in the energetic realms. Another way of perceiving structure is as a template or grid work through which other vibrations may be woven. Yet another function of structure is to provide a pathway for creation, development or communication.

117. Evolutionary Plan of All Species
Nature: Active

117. Evolutionary Plan of All Species
The Symbols Dream, Purpose and Communication
Evolutionary Plan of All Species allows movement forward through multiple planes of access in the unfolding expression of self becoming. Each possibility extends itself seeking other extensions of self becoming to cooperate and interact with. Each movement forward by various expressions of self causes other expressions to move forward as well, each drawing the other to bring out that which has remained unexpressed.

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